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           It all started in Japan. Maykon has spent the past 14 years sharing his passion for education. With more than a decade of teaching experience and an adventurous spirit, Maykon became an ESL instructor in Japan.

As we planned lessons and designed an ESL curriculum, we were disappointed by the limited resources and lackluster teaching tools on the market. Rote memorization and repetitive worksheets don’t inspire students or challenge their creativity. Learning should be fun, engaging, and flexible. So, we decided to invent something new!

When our students struggled to master new concepts, Maykon would customize activities and board games that brought them to life. We along the way built a massive library of resources and lesson ideas. Then, we perfected those concepts with insightful feedback from thousands of students.

            Japanese public elementary school teachers saw remarkable improvement in their students, and they began to ask for resources! We officially founded MDS English Institute cram school in 2014 to share our resources and empower students.

Over the past 15 years, Maykon has worked with more than 20,000 students! He is board-certified by the Japanese Department of Education, and Maykon is comfortable in a wide variety of classroom settings, including traditional public schools, private programs, and international cram schools.

His passion, devotion, determination, and respect for the language reached unbelievable heights. 

"For years, months, weeks, and days I have slept for about 4 hours only because I felt I needed to speed up on creating the most I could to help teachers and students all over the world." - he says.

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The Origins

            Maykon’s warm, positive energy is reflected in his students, and he has a knack for making meaningful connections with kids. His first class of students in Japan struggled to pronounce and remember his name, so he tied it to something they already knew. One day, he teased, “My name is Maykon, not daikon!” The class erupted into giggles when they heard the funny rhyme, imagining that their ESL teacher as actually a talking radish.

The nickname stuck! Thousands of children across Japan lovingly refer to him as Maykon Daikon Sensei. The name is respectful and uniquely memorable with a touch of humor. Sensei is the name for a teacher or instructor in Japanese. Maykon Daikon Sensei decided that MDS was the perfect name for our company!

Our name exemplifies the importance of making learning personal and always meeting students where they’re at. We go above and beyond to create positive experiences and inspire joy while teaching English.

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