Battleship Game - Pirate Version - Printable PDF Game

Battleship Game - Pirate Version - Printable PDF Game


Argh! Mate. Ready to sail your kids through an ocean of learning? Let the pirate inside of you out to lead the lessons. 
Adventure, fun, danger, and curiosity will be the feeling in every moment of this epic game—A3 board game with cool accessories to help kids have fun while drilling sentence patterns. Teachers know how hard and boring it is to teach sentence patterns and make kids repeat and memorize them. But playing this game for years, things will be different. You and your kids will even lose track of time. Aroy mate!

It can be used with any sentence patterns. From short to long, or simple to complex. 


Check out our YouTube channel to see how to play it! We will be uploading more videos weekly for more tips, instructions, and other cool stuff never seen to help you all enjoy your English lessons.




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